Chase Darnell - Underwater Photography
Green Maze

"More hours in the water equals more life changing experiences"

-Chase Darnell

Chase Darnell

Chase Darnell award winning underwater/surf photographer, videographer and filmmaker. With a mindset of spending as much time as possible in an array of water environments, Chase has a deep passion for recording and depicting these aquatic environments and those enjoying their elements in order to show their natural beauty and lasting yet fragile place in this earth and in people's hearts.

Prints, Photography, Cinematography, Promotional Video Production,
SCUBA, SURF, Kite, Freediving, All Things Water

Recent Images

Because I am fortunate enough to be in the water on a daily basis, I will use this gallery to show my top images from the previous month. 

Moments | 2014-2015 Highlight Reel